ZBT-S1AWH switches are for use with the Philips EasySense module p/n: SNS200. 

Philips EasySense configuration software is used to configure the behavior and allows the left rocker to be configured for On/Off function and by default, also works as press and hold dim to adjust brightness up and down. The right side can be configured as Scene Recall - the top and bottom buttons each dim to a level that is adjustable in the configuration software.

Refer to page 15 of the Easysense app manual to configure the scenes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can each rocker be configured to control a different fixture
    • No, Fixtures can be grouped to be controlled together and the EasySense configuration software does not support configuring the switch to control different fixtures or groups of fixtures.

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SNS200 User manual

Easysense App Manual