The ILLUMRA dimmer responds to the EnOcean Equipment Profile (EEP) for central control (from the EEP specification v2.6) - EEP #A5-38-08. This profile supports commands with a target light level and a dim rate.  

Transmission to manually teach a dimmer to respond to this central command message is in this form (replace xx xx xx xx with either the native address of the module or an address in it’s IDBase range) (this can be done programmatically using remote commissioning as shown later):

0xA5 E0 40 08 80 xx xx xx xx 00

When one of the dimmers is in "learn" mode (activated using the buttons on the dimmer - see installation guide), the dimmer will Link to the ID transmitted for the specific EEP transmitting using the command. Note that for this example the EEP is A5-38-08. Teach-in telegraph details are found in Appendix 3.3 of EEP specification

Once out of learn mode, watch for packets with this ID in this form:

0xA5 02 yy FF FF xx xx xx xx 81

Where yy is the level in percentage form, from 0-100% (hex 0x00 to 0x64)

This one will set the level to 0%

0xA5 02 00 FF FF xx xx xx xx 81

and this one will set it to 100%

0xA5 02 FF FF FF xx xx xx xx 81

For full 8-bit precision in the transmitted dim level, send the 8-bit value 0x00-0xFF instead of a percentage, with a slight change to the other bytes:

0xA5 02 zz FF FB xx xx xx xx 81

Where zz is the level in 8-bit unsigned form, from 0x00 to 0xFF

Again, this one is 0%

0xA5 02 00 FF FB xx xx xx xx 81

And this one is 100% (255)

0xA5 02 FF FF FB xx xx xx xx 81

The level, while linear, is mapped to perceived brightness in the dimmer using a simple/standard square law rule, so a 50% brightness will result in 25% power.

Status responses

The LED dimmer can also be configured to send status transmissions in the same form as those above, indicating it’s current light level and dim ramp rate, if desired.  These transmissions may be learned by other receivers, causing them to follow the master dimmer output level.

EnOcean’s serial protocol (version 3) is used to transfer data through the USB dongle to the EnOcean gateway module. The attached document show the Data Field only. However the data field must be encapsulate in an ESP3.0 packet for transfer through the serial interface. As an example, a complete packet sent in ESP3 form as 

0x55 00 0A 07 01 EB A5 00 00 00 0E FF A0 AD 23 00 03 FF FF FF FF FF 00 58, 

but the Data Field is 

0xA5 00 00 00 0E FF A0 AD 23 00, 

which is the only part shown in this document.  This packet was sent from the IDBase address of the radio module, rather than it’s native address.  The IDBase of the module is 0xFF A0 AD 00, and offset 0x23 was used for this packet, hence the source address of 0xFF A0 AD 23.

Additional information available in the EnOcean Knowledge base.

Download DolphinView for advanced protocol debugging capability: