System for controlling lights in an ice rink consists of Zone Controllers wirelessly linked to 0-10V dimming Fixture controllers on each luminaire to eliminate the need for low voltage control wiring between fixtures.

Each system ships pre-commissioned as follows and can be adjusted in the field with Scan & Link:

  • Slide Zone Controller 0-100%, Linked to all Fixture controllers, required for system operation
  • Single Rocker switch - press and hold to dim up or down
  • Dual Rocker Switch 1 - Scene recall: 0, 33, 66, 100%
  • Dual Rocker Switch 2 - Scene recall: 25, 50, 75, 100%
  • Option for connection to building automation system using a 0-10V control signal broadcasted wirelessly to adjust the light levels. Also, preconfigured with an extra Central Command link loaded into all controllers for use with a stand-alone BACnet gateway with scheduling capability, etc if needed in the future. 

2 repeaters included with each system enhance the wireless performance. Repeaters are activated in standard fixture controllers and mount to luminaires like all the others. They are labeled and include yellow tags to mark them for visibility from the ground. The fixtures with repeaters should be installed approximately at 30% and 70% of the total length of the lighted area along the center-line.

Installation steps:

  1. Plug Zone controllers into a wall outlet, connect DC voltmeter to violet (+) & grey (-) 0-10V output of Zone controller using included quick connects.
  2. Adjust the slider to see the output voltage change.
  3. Press the Single and Dual Rocker switches and confirm the output voltage change described in commissioning description above.
  4. Locate the repeaters (2 Fixture controller with Yellow tags) and plan installation location.
  5. Connect a Fixture Controller to the luminaire per the wiring diagram and adjust Zone control slider to confirm that Fixture responds as expected.
  6. Install Zone controller at a location where it can communicate well with all fixtures in the area, not inside of a metal housing. Maybe ice-side in the announcer's booth. Or connect the 0-10V input to an available 0-10V output on an HVAC controller for integration with the building automation system.
  7. Connect all Fixture controllers.