• Single Rocker switches: ZBT-S1AWH
  • Dual Rocker switches: ZBT-S2AWH
ILLUMRA ZigBee Switch
Philips EasySense sensor
SNS120, SNS200, or SNS210

Overview: ILLUMRA ZigBee switches are compatible with Philips EasySense sensors and require a commissioning sequence to establish communication. The commissioning sequence does 2 things: 

  1. Configures switch to transmit on the same ZigBee channel used by the EasySense sensor. EasySense sensor selects one of 15 available ZigBee channels for communication to minimize interference.
  2. Saves security credentials and a unique ID from the switch into the sensor's memory. After the EasySense sensor saves information from the switch, it will respond to commands transmitted by the switch.

Commissioning: Activate commissioning mode by selecting ONE button on the switch and pressing the ONE button in a sequence: 

  1. Activate switch pairing mode in the Philips App
  2. Hold for one button 10 seconds, release.
  3. Hold for same button 2 seconds, release.
  4. Hold for same button 10 seconds, release.
  5. Subsequent quick presses of the same button will advance through the ZigBee channels. The SNS200 enabled fixture will flash when the correct channel is found. 
  6. Close pairing mode in the app
  7. IMPORTANT: Press a different button on the switch to close the pairing mode on the switch. (If this step is skipped, pressing the the same button will change the channel and pairing will be broken.)