ILLUMRA ZBT-S1AWH and ZBT-S2AWH switches are for use with the Philips EVO200, EvoKit, Spacewise DT, SNS120, SNH200, SNS200, SNS210 MC.

Philips EasySense configuration software is used to configure the behavior and allows the left rocker to be configured for On/Off function and also works as press and hold dim to adjust brightness up and down. If using a Dual Rocker switch, the right side can be configured for Scene Recall - the top and bottom buttons each dim to a level that is adjustable in the configuration software.


ILLUMRA Single Rocker Switch
ILLUMRA Dual Rocker Switch
Philips sensor
EVO200, EvoKit, Spacewise DT, SNS120, SNH200, SNS200, SNS210 MC
On/Off (quick press) and Raise/Lower function (press and hold)
On/Off (quick press)
Raise/Lower function (press and hold)
2 scene recall buttons (right rocker)
Comes with fixture or EvoKit
(not sold by ILLUMRA)
(SNS120 is not compatible with ZBT-S2AWH)

Overview: ILLUMRA ZigBee switches control Philips Sensor enabled fixtures after a commissioning sequence is followed to establish communication. The commissioning sequence does 2 things: 

  1. Channel assignment: Upon initial start up, the EasySense sensor scans and auto-selects one of 15 available ZigBee channels (frequencies) to minimize communication interference with Wifi and other signals that may be in the area. Commissioning configures the wireless switch to transmit on the channel that was auto-selected by the EasySense sensor.
  2. Secure binding: During commissioning, the switch transmits security credentials and a unique ID to be stored on the sensor. Once the EasySense sensor saves security credentials from the switch, it will respond to button presses on the switch during normal operation.

Commissioning: Activate commissioning mode first on the sensor, then on the switch. On the switch select ONE button to use during the entire commissioning sequence:

  1. Activate switch pairing mode in the Philips App. Be sure to point the Infrared transmitter on the phone towards the fixture, if using the Infrared commissioning.
  2. Hold one button on the switch for 10 seconds, then release.
  3. Hold the same button for 2 seconds, then release.
  4. Hold the same button for 10 seconds, then release. NO blinking or visual indication will happen at this point, however, commissioning mode is now active on the switch. Continue to step 5 to finish commissioning the switch using the same button. The Philips App selects one of 16 available channels while creating the group, the next step configures the switch to transmit on the matching channel. It may take up to 16 more presses to find the channel selected by the Philips App.
  5. Press the same button for 1 second, then release. The EasySense enabled fixture flashes when the correct channel is found. Repeat as needed to cycle through up to 16 channels. Count each press to know which channel is being used (on the 16th press, the switch cycles back to the first channel). 
  6. Once the fixtures flash to indicate they received the signal from the switch, press and release a different button on the switch to lock the switch to the matching channel (NOT the button used for commissioning). Important: If the button used in steps 2-5 is pressed for step 6, the channel will advance and pairing will be broken. If this happens, restart commissioning at step 1.
  7. Close the "group" (pairing mode) in the app
  8. Test the switch


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • With a Dual Rocker switch, can each rocker be configured to control a different fixture?
    • No, the switch can be configured to work with 1 fixture or group of fixtures. The Left Rocker activates On/Off and Raise/Lower (held) functionality while the Right Rocker recalls 2 configurable scenes. EasySense configuration software does not support configuring one side of the switch to control different fixtures or groups of fixtures.
  • Does the fixture recall the last level when it is turned off and back on?
    • No. The fixture always turns on to the configured level and then can be raised or lowered by pressing and holding the switch up or down.
  • How are the scene levels changed?
    • The scene levels are adjusted with the software and can be different for each sensor in the group. eg. Lights at front of conference room at different level than rest of room. Refer to page 33 of the Easysense app manual to configure the scenes.
  • Which EnOcean module is included in the switch?
    • PTM215ZE


  • Problem: After commissioning, the single rocker switch cannot turn the fixture OFF, it just dims them up and down.
  • Problem: Sensors are not behaving as expected
    • Solution A: Confirm that the correct device is selected in the Philips software, eg. SNS200 or SNS102
    • Solution B: When using IR (infra-red) commissioning, the IR transmitter must be pointed towards an EasySense sensor to activating pairing mode on the sensor. (Like pointing a TV remote toward the device to be controlled)
    • Solution C: Try recommissioning the system
    • Solution D: Review other articles on the support website for a potential solution
    • Solution E: Issue a “Warranty support” request in this webform: A technical support expert will call you back to help.
    • Solution F: Contact Philips Lighting Support at website or Phone number: 1-800-555-0050