The ILLUMRA Control Transmitter (p/n: E9X-CUV) is a power sensor used to send a wireless signal to control a secondary circuit. The control transmitter is connected to a primary circuit and transmits the status of using a unique digital code and a receiver / controller can to be linked to this signal and turn on and off in sync with the transmitter. It can be used with hard wired switches, occupancy sensors, dawn dusk sensors, astronomical time clocks, digital timers or any line voltage (100-277VAC) primary circuit.

Instructions for linking the Control Transmitter to a controller

Follow these instructions to link the E9X-CUV (transmitter) to any ILLUMRA controller (eg. E9X-RUV-3HOTP or E9X-RUV-4IBTP).

  1. Connect both the transmitter and controller to a power source and have access to the buttons on both devices.
  2. Confirm the controller is wired correctly by briefly pressing the "Select" button on the controller. The output should toggle on and off and the Status LED will toggle between RED and GREEN.
  3. Hold the "Menu" button on the controller until the relay inside starts clicking (about 5 seconds). Linking mode is active on the controller and will time out after about 30 seconds.
  4. While linking mode is active on the controller, press the "Menu" button on the transmitter. The controller should pause in the ON position (GREEN status LED) to indicate that the transmitter has been added to the controller's memory. If it pauses in the OFF position (RED status LED), the transmitter was removed from the memory - press Menu button again to add transmitter to the controller's memory.
  5. Wait 30 seconds for the controller to exit linking mode. 
  6. Test - when the CUV is powered on, the controller output should be ON. When the CUV is powered off, the controller output will be OFF.

Common applications:

  • Outdoor water feature wirelessly controlled from a switch at the house
  • Synchronize deck lights powered by 2 separate circuits
  • Gas station back lit sign synchronized to dawn / dusk / light sensor controlling canopy lights
  • Transmit status of a dual tech occupancy sensor for controlling other lights