So you are looking for a wireless light switch that can dim your lights. ILLUMRA has solutions and will help you find the correct product for the application. There are 3 kinds of dimmers that work with different light types to provide dimming functionality so please review the table below to understand the differences and order the unit that will work for your application.

Phase Dimming
PWM Dimming
0-10V Dimming
Find which controller will work best for your dimming application
Common ApplicationsDimming compatible LED bulbs
Incandescent bulbs
Magnetic Low Voltage lights
LED Can lights
Loads compatible with standard wall switch dimmers 
Most Residential applications
Under cabinet LED lights
Cove Lighting
Linear tape lights
Cabinet lighting
Constant Voltage LED lights (8 - 30 VDC) 
Boat / Marine light control
All 0-10V compatible fixtures
2'x4' troffers
High-bay warehouse lights
Specialty lights w/ 0-10V input
Primarily commercial applications
Input connections
  • Line IN (120VAC)
  • Neutral
  • Ground
  • IN+ (8-30VDC)
  • IN- (Common)
  • Line IN (100-277VAC)
  • Neutral
Output connections
  • Line OUT (120V phase dimmed)
  • Neutral
  • Out+ (8-30VDC Dim)
  • Out- (Common)
  • Line OUT (100-277VAC)
  • Neutral
  • Dim+ (0-10V)
  • Dim- (Common)
Maximum Capacity120 VAC, 600 Watts8-30 VDC, 5 Amps120 - 277 VAC
5 or 20 Amps
Size3.5 x 3.1 x 1.9 inches
(89 x 78 x 47 mm)
2.88 x 1.30 x 0.50 inches
(73 x 33 x 13 mm)
2.11 x 1.73 x 1.09 inches
(54 x 44 x 28 mm)
Wireless Range50-150 ft50-150 ft50-150 ft
Product Ordering NumberE9X-ER6CDE9X-D02FL5A: E9X-DUV-10VTP-FX
20A: E9X-DUV-10VTP
Compatible switchesSingle Rocker: E9T-S1AWH
Dual Rocker: E9T-S2AWH
Handheld: E9T-S2HWH
Single Rocker: E9T-S1AWH
Dual Rocker: E9T-S2AWH
Handheld: E9T-S2HWH
Single Rocker: E9T-S1AWH
Dual Rocker: E9T-S2AWH
Handheld: E9T-S2HWH
Max # of switches linked202525
Max # of controllers link to 1 switchunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Functional descriptionDim using standard 120VAC Hot and Neutral wires commonly used to power lights. Brightness is controlled by switching the output on or off 60 times per second in sync with the incoming electricity to adjust how much power is delivered to the light. Standard wall switch dimmers use the same "Phase Dimming" technology as this device.Dim low voltage direct current (DC) lights using the (+) and (-) wires commonly used to power low voltage lights. Connect 2 wire output of the power supply to the input of the dimming controller, then connect the 2 wire output of the dimming controller to the lights. Brightness is controlled by switching the output on and off 450 times per second while adjusting the ratio of ON time vs OFF time to affect how much power is delivered to the lights.Dim 0-10V compatible lights by connecting line voltage wires to the On/Off output and low voltage wires to the 0-10V control input. Requires 4 connections from the controller to the light fixture. Brightness is adjusted by the power supply in the light fixture which responds to the 0-10V low voltage signal from the controller to set the light output at 100% when 10V is detected or at low or OFF when 0V is detected.
AdvantagesCompatible with standard dimming compatible bulbs.
Uses existing wires
No new wires needed
Superior low level dimming
Smoothest dimming available on the market
Eliminate low voltage wiring to control 0-10V fixtures
DisadvantagesPerformance varies, some LED lights flicker at low levelsAdditional wiring connections are neededDimming performance is limited by the capability of the fixture