ILLUMRA single rocker switches may be serviced in the field to swap plastics if necessary or to exchange plastic colors, etc.

Note that the plastic pieces have the following names:

  • Carrier: The main body of the switch holds the wireless module and has a yoke with holes for mounting to the switch box or backplate. 
  • Single Rocker Insert: A full width switch insert with prongs that snap onto the wireless module and rocks either up or down. The Single Rocker Insert has plungers on the back that make contact with buttons on the module and the orientation matters. Connect the Single Rocker Insert so that the plungers are on the Right side as viewed from the front.
  • Trim: Rectangular piece with 4 clips that holds the rocker inserts in place once clipped into place


  1. Remove switch from the wall
  2. Loosen 4 trim clips from back sides of the switch, then pull trim out from the front.
  3. Note the TOP of the switch and orient it correctly
  4. Separate the Rocker from the module and note whether the plungers on the back of the Rocker Insert are contacting module buttons on the left or right side. 
  5. If removing the module, note the I and O symbols embossed on the module and make sure they line up with I and O symbols embossed on the Carrier.
  6. Reattach the Rocker with the plungers on the same side as before (usually on the right side when looking at the front of the switch. Make sure when the switch is reassembled, the same same buttons on the module are being pressed.
  7. Firm snap trim piece in place on all corners and confirm that 4 clips are securely in place.