EnOcean has updated their gateways with a new revision and the 300 series part numbers have been discontinued while the 500 series are the new kids on the block.

  • The NWC-500U is the USB gateway dongle required for use with Navigan.
  • The USB-500U is a generic USB gateway dongle for use with DolphinView packet analyzer or other computing platforms that want to receive 902MHz EnOcean data.

These devices replace the old part numbers: NWC-300U and USB-300U. They have the same functions and are fully interchangeable so if an order is placed for one, ILLUMRA may substitute the other depending on availability. Navigan works the same with either the NWC-300U or NWC-500U. And other platforms work the same with either the USB-300U or USB-500U.