ILLUMRA wireless motion sensors use PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensing technology which monitors the space for a moving heat source in ambient environment that is cooler than the heat source. Typically the moving heat source would be a human (98ºF) in a room (70ºF) and when the human moves, the sensor detects a change and transmits an occupied signal. False triggers can be cause by air currents any other heat source that can move or fluctuate. 

In one example, there are 2 wireless motion sensors in a server room linked to 1 receiver and the lights are never turning off so there seem to be false triggers from the sensors. The troubleshooting steps below can help determine the best resolution.

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Take the sensors down and put them in a box with no motion and confirm the lights turn off (this confirms the commissioning and operation is correct)
  2. Because either sensor will trigger the lights to stay on if they are sensing motion, install just one sensor (keep the 2nd in a box) and confimr the lights turn off with no motion
  3. Swap sensors, put the other in a box and the one from the box on the ceiling. It is important to test both sensors alone to determine if only 1 is causing the issue or if they are both detecting motion with the air currents
  4. Depending on the results above, try adjusting the "sensitivity switch" on the back of the sensor for any sensors that are having false triggers
  5. If #4 doesn't help, relocate the sensors to a place where they are not subject to airflow and/or rapidly fluctuating temperatures and test the new locations using steps 2 & 3 above.

Hopefully that helps. Let us know how we can be of further assistance.