Task Lighting has shipped some power supplies in a Kit with Illumra's ExX-D02FLs that are incompatible. The reason it is incompatible is that our device needs a true DC current. The power supplies that are being shipped in the kit mistakenly lower the voltage and remove the negative wave forms, but still drop the current to zero in bursts. ExX-D02 does not have capacitors large enough to store power between the bursts, and so looks as if it never turns on or flickers slightly.

Talk to task lighting or whoever sold you the kit to resolve the problem. 

If you purchased the power supply separately, return it and  find one that delivers a steady DC current

The power supplies below will not work with these dimmers because of the nature of PWM dimming.

LTF Technology TA60WD15 LEDRE-000

                         TA45WD24 LED-000