Goal: Stairway lighting that turns on automatically when someone enters, then turns off after 15 minutes with no occupant.

Hardware needed:

Motion Sensor 

On/Off Relay E9X-RUV-4IBTP (For on/off Lighting) or Area Controller  E9X-DUV-10VTP  (For dim-able ballasts)

Wire in the On/Off Relay or Area Controller.

Hold the menu button for 15 seconds, or until you get a steady amber blink pattern. You have entered the advanced menu.

Press and release the select button once, you should see a double amber blink pattern. This indicates Link mode 2 (Auto on/ Auto off with a 15 minute timeout for motion sensors)

Press and release the menu button once.

On the motion sensor, press the teach button. The LED on the relay/area controller should pause solid green for a few seconds, then begin to blink again.

Repeat until you have linked all the motion sensors you want to turn on the lights controlled by that Relay/Area Controller.

Once you have finished linking, wait for 1 minute for the advanced menu to time out. The LED should stop blinking and be a solid red or green depending on whether the connected light is off or on.

To test that the motion sensor is linked, press the teach button 6-7 times. This will cause the relay/area controller to turn off or on with every press past the 6-7th press.