Repeater Function 

A repeater function can be used to extend the range of ILLUMRA devices up to 2 "hops" away. For example: a switch transmits to an ILLUMRA controller 150' away on a pole that repeats the signal (1st "hop") to a 2nd controller 150' further away (2nd "hop") so that a 3rd controller 150' further away (450' total distance from switch to 3rd controller) can turn a light on and off. Note that indoor ranges are reduced and a repeater can be used to increase signal reliability through obstructions over shorter distances.

A: Transmitter ---- 150' ----> B: 1st repeater ---- 150' ----> C: 2nd repeater ---- 150' ----> D: 3rd controller  (Light)

Dual function: Repeater and Controller 

When the repeater function is active on a specific controller, it will forward all signals and will also respond to any signals that are linked to the controller. Example: The 3rd controller connected to Switch 1 in the scenario above controls a light connected to 3rd controller. If 1st and 2nd repeaters are also linked to Switch 1 they will also respond to turn on/off a connected load.

Repeater function activation instructions: (for E9X-RUV and E9X-DUV products)

  1. Power the device
  2. Hold down the menu button for at least 15 seconds. After the LED blinks amber 3 times, release. You are now in the advanced menu. If the relay is clicking on and off you did not hold the button long enough. Wait for it to stop and try again
  3. Press and release the Select button 5 times. The LED should be blinking a 6 amber blink pattern
  4. Press and release the Menu button, it should now be blinking a single green blink pattern.
  5. Press and release the Select button once, it should now be blinking a double green blink pattern
  6. Press and release the Menu button. it should now be blinking a red pattern. If the LED is showing a 3 red blink pattern, press and release the select button 2 times. LED should now be showing a 2 red blink pattern. (2 blinks = 2 level repeater (most common), 1 blink = 1 level repeater, 3 blinks = disabled)
  7. Press and release the Menu button. The LED should show solid green for a few seconds then start its blink pattern again.
  8. Wait one minute for the device to exit the advanced menu

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does the repeater need to be linked to the transmitter or receiver?
    • No. No linking is needed between the repeater and any other part of the system. By way of explanation, the repeater receives all messages from all compatible devices in range and rebroadcasts a copy of the original message so any receivers within range of the repeater can respond as though it was in direct communication with the original transmitter.
  2. What are trouble shooting steps for the repeater?
    • 2.1 - Confirm the original transmitter and receiver are linked by bringing the transmitter and receiver close together and confirm they respond to each other as expected.
    • 2.2 - Confirm the repeater is in the correct repeat mode following instructions above ("Level 2 repeater" is most common)
    • 2.3 - Confirm the repeater is within range of the original transmitter using either option A: the status LED will blink when a wireless message is received, trigger a transmission on the transmitter and confirm the LED blinks on the repeater. Or option B: Consider linking the transmitter to the repeater if needed and confirm the repeater/receiver responds as expected to the transmitter actions - note that the repeater still works, even when the repeater/receiver device is linked to the transmitter.
    • 2.4 - Confirm the repeater is within range of the controller that is connected to the load by pressing the Menu/link/pair/teach button on the repeater by observing that the status LED on the controller blinks at the same time - this test may require 2 people to perform, one to press the button on the repeater and the other to confirm the blink on the controller.
  3. What is the difference between 1 level and 2 level repeater modes?
    • Messages retransmitted by a 1 level repeater will not be repeated a second time. Messages from a 2 level may be retransmitted up to 2 times total.
  4. How does the repeater work?
    • When a repeater receives any message, it will retransmit it in the original form with 1 difference, it will mark the messages with a number for how many times it has been retransmitted. So an original message will be marked that it has been transmitted 1 time; a 1 time repeated message will be marked that it has been repeated 2 times; a 2 time repeated message will not be repeated again though a controller can take action on the message. This system prevents a possible ping-pong situation where a message is endlessly transmitted back and forth between 2 repeaters.