Repeater Function 

A repeater function can be used to extend the range of ILLUMRA devices up to 2 "hops" away. For example: a switch transmits to an ILLUMRA controller 150' away on a pole that repeats the signal (1st "hop") to a 2nd controller 150' further away (2nd "hop") so that a 3rd controller 150' further away (450' total distance from switch to 3rd controller) can turn a light on and off. 

Switch 1 ---- 150' ----> 1st repeater ---- 150' ----> 2nd repeater ---- 150' ----> 3rd controller - Light)

Dual function: Repeater and Controller 

When the repeater function is active on a specific controller, it will forward all signals and will also respond to any signals that are linked to the controller. Example: The 3rd controller connected to Switch 1 in the scenario above controls a light connected to 3rd controller. If 1st and 2nd repeaters are also linked to Switch 1 they will also respond to turn on/off a connected load.

Repeater function activation instructions: (for E9X-RUV and E9X-DUV products)

  1. Power the device
  2. Hold down the menu button for at least 15 seconds. After the LED blinks amber 3 times, release. You are now in the advanced menu. If the relay is clicking on and off you did not hold the button long enough. Wait for it to stop and try again
  3. Press and release the Select button 5 times. The LED should be blinking a 6 amber blink pattern
  4. Press and release the Menu button, it should now be blinking a single green blink pattern.
  5. Press and release the Select button once, it should now be blinking a double green blink pattern
  6. Press and release the Menu button. it should now be blinking a red pattern. If the LED is showing a 3 red blink pattern, press and release the select button 2 times. LED should now be showing a 2 red blink pattern. (2 blinks = 2 level repeater (most common), 1 blink = 1 level repeater, 3 blinks = disabled)
  7. Press and release the Menu button. The LED should show solid green for a few seconds then start its blink pattern again.
  8. Wait one minute for the device to exit the advanced menu