Applies to part number: E9X-RUV, E9X-DUV-..., 

To restore factory default settings for any reason, use the following sequence:

  1. Hold the MENU button until the LED blinks AMBER (approx. 15 seconds, at 5 seconds, relay will toggle, at 15 seconds LED blinks 1 AMBER blink pattern, then a pause)
  2. Press the SELECT button 4 times, confirm that the LED is blinking a 5 blink Amber pattern, with a pause.
  3. Hold the SELECT button until the LED turns GREEN (approx 20 seconds, should blink Amber, at 5 seconds it will pause on Red, then resume Amber blinking. At 20 seconds, should pause again on Red, then turn solid GREEN)
  4. Success - Factory defaults have been restored.