This information applies to firmware version and forward

HVAC mode is for use with an air conditioning unit and a window/door sensor. When the sensor is linked in mode 2, it enables HVAC, which activates a minimum off time of 5 minutes and an off delay of 5 minutes. You cannot currently change the timing, but when remote commissioning is implemented, these will be changeable values.

To link a window door sensor in HVAC:

1. Hold the MENU button for 15 seconds

2. Press the SELECT button once to move from link mode 1 (1 amber blink) to link mode 2 (2 amber blinks).

3. Press the teach button on the window/door sensor. The L.E.D. on the relay should go solid green for a few seconds indicating the link was successful.

4. Wait 60 seconds for device to exit the advanced menu.