This information only applies for 20A Universal Relays with firmware version and prior.

In order to link devices to the relay in any mode other than mode 1, you must access the advanced menu.

Entering the advanced menu:

   Hold the MENU button for 15 seconds. At the 5 second mark the relay will click once. After another 10 seconds, the L.E.D. should begin to blink a steady amber pattern.



   Press MENU button to cycle through Amber Menu options. Press and release to advance to next menu option.

   Press and Hold MENU button for 5 seconds to go back one menu, or exit the advanced menu if you are in the top level (Amber blinks)

   Press SELECT button to activate Link Mode or Configuration Group

Link Modes:

1 Amber blink = Link mode 1, or Basic Linking Mode

2 Amber blinks = Link mode 2, or Momentary Mode

3 Amber blinks = Link mode 3, or Toggle Mode

4 Amber blinks = Link mode 4, or Scene Mode